Free Seers is a film mythology creation experience in which virtual reality is a new reality and surveillance is the new mafia. It is a cinematic experience which fits into your hand like a holographic iPhone. Like a hologram. #3dimensional It is portable, like an app and it’s potent ✨ like pure ❀️ Love.

“Free Seers”: is a story that continues to grow from the smallest place of humble beginnings. It comes from the new mythologies that arise out of gaming, hacker life, Facebook, Twitter Instagram culture.

Free Seers is a musical expression born in the iGen, a world literally inhabited by bots.

Free Seers is a startup created by Felix Spansion. Who is Felix Spansion?Β You may ask. Simple: Felix Spansion created Free Seers. But somehow his existence was erased and Titan group manipulated another 3 percent of the company bringing their share to 51% –They completed swallowed the company at that point, turning the technology into another means of surveillance. Those thugs operate in the gray area of the law, like the mafia in the 1920’s, when business for the mafia was really booming.

Free Seers is an innovative, interactive, holographic experience like Rolling Stone, like the Rolling Stones. Like Poetry, physics, motion, nation, God. A Mandela. Prism πŸ¦‹ Stars ✨ Light πŸ”₯ War… Fire πŸ’£

The world 🌎 may not yet know it yet, but the Free Seers Multiverse is a comic, you know? A graphic novel. Like Batman, Spiderman, Superman. The world 🌎 definitely doesn’t know it yet, but Free Seers is more than a comic book, it is a reality.

You can look it up in any library… You need to think of me as a superhero.

-Felix Spansion

Feel Expansion.

Free Seers